Bio true Multi-Purpose Solution 16 oz


  • Unique pH solution matches your natural, healthy tears
  • Keeps beneficial tear proteins active
  • Disinfects and cleans
  • Uses naturally occurring lubricants in eyes
  • Fights germs
Bio true Multi-Purpose Solution 16 oz
This item: Bio true Multi-Purpose Solution 16 oz
Blended Eucalyptus Oil gallon
Eucalyptus Oil Concentrate gallon


Biotrue® Multi-purpose Solution has a unique pH solution that matches your natural pH levels. It helps to keep your eyes lubricated by promoting tear protein activity. Biotrue® Multi-purpose Solution is a cleaner for contact lenses. While there are Biotrue® eye drops, this formula is not for direct in eye use. It would be best if you used a rewetting and lubricating eye drop to rewet contact lenses while they are in the eye. You can remove the contacts and use this multi-purpose solution to clean and rewet them before reinserting into the eye.

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