ClearVu Dispenser White / Transparent 46 oz


This item: ClearVu Dispenser White / Transparent 46 oz
White Poly Multi-Use Roll Bags


The ClearVu Encore White Soap Dispenser holds up to 46 oz. of liquid soaps, and has a water resistant top, a transparent reservoir, and a dispensing push bar.

  • Each pump provides approximately 1 cubic centimeter (cc) of soap to minimize waste.
  • Sealed top that keeps water out.
  • Transparent reservoir shows soap level at a glance.
  • A removable, hidden backplate provides easy mounting.
  • Push bar complies with ADA requirements.
  • The dispenser is 8.3″ high by 5.3″ wide by 4.4″ deep.

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Weight 1.283 lbs