Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey 750 G (26 Oz.)


This item: Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey 750 G (26 Oz.)
Soothing Touch Basic Massage Oil Unscented
Cuccio Naturalé Whipped Hemp Revitalizing Butter


Cuccio Butter Blends give 24 hour support for prolonged, long lasting nourishment to your hands, body, and feet, leaving your skin soft and silky all day long; even after hand washing.

  • Potent hydration treatment formulated with time released humectants that moisturize and rejuvenate your skin every two hours.
  • Elaborated with milk to soothe & soften skin along with honey, one of nature’s natural humectants that helps to keep parched skin hydrated.
  • This non-oily cream is Paraben & Cruelty Free.

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