Irish Spring 4 oz bar soap 80 bars per case


Irish Spring 4 oz Bar Soap 80 Count
This item: Irish Spring 4 oz bar soap 80 bars per case
Listerine Original 1.5 Liter
Consort Hairspray Regular 8.3 oz
Listerine Cool Mint 1.5 Liter
Consort Hairspray Non-Aerosol 8 oz
Listerine Fresh Burst 1.5 Liter


Irish Spring Original bar soap delivers the gentle and caring formula you love, with a fresh, clean, and invigorating scent to leave you refreshed.


    • Irish Spring Original Clean, the new name for our Original bar soap, has a fresh look and a great smell
    • Has flaxseed oil
    • This bar soap for men is mild for skin, so you can feel as great as you smell
    • 98% naturally derived formula that’s paraben, phthalate and gluten free
    • This men’s bar soap has a sudsy lather that washes away bacteria and can be used as a hand soap
    • Recyclable carton

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Weight 23.5 lbs

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