OurFresh dispensers and refills have been strategically designed to provide premium performance. That means users have a great experience every time because of its consistent dry fragrance release.

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Gym Wipes Antibacterial Force Wipes Refill 900 wipes per roll
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White Poly Multi-Use Roll Bags


OurFresh has been carefully engineered to deliver the perfect amount of fragrance each day for 30 days without that 3-4 week drop off. There are audio and visual indicators that activate when it’s time to replace the battery and refill, so you don’t have to remember. ourfresh is also efficient, it only works when the lights are on so there’s no wasted fragrance and the refills are eco-friendly.


THE MODERN SOLUTION – To Metered Aerosols

Metered aerosol has been around forever, and it shows. They are clunky, messy and bad for the environment. Metered aerosols only provide an ‘ideal’ experience about 20% of the time. If a user walks in right after it sprays, it’s overwhelmingly strong. If they walk in 5 minutes after it sprays, it can’t be detected. There is a very small window when it’s just right, so why pay for a product that only works part of the time?


Each refill includes a battery

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