Scott White Multifold Towels 9.4×9.4 4000 per case


Scott White Multifold Towels 9.4x9.4 4000 per case
This item: Scott White Multifold Towels 9.4x9.4 4000 per case
White Roll Towels 11x9 - 85 sheets/roll - 30 rolls/case
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Scott® Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. Whether you need commercial paper towels for your office kitchen or restroom, Scott® Essential Multifold Paper Towels are an excellent and economical choice. The packs of 250 (cases of 16 packs) contain commercial paper towels with signature Absorbency Pockets that absorb a lot of water fast, for superior hand drying. They’re designed to reduce waste in your office or business, since they fit into any universal dispenser for trifold paper towels or multifold towels (which helps control over use). Made with 40% post-consumer waste and 60% recycled fiber content, Scott® folded paper towels meet EPA standards and are FSC and Eco Logo certified, you know they’re great choice.

  • 16 packs per case, 250 multifold towels per pack, 4,000 towels per case
  • Each white multifold paper towel is 9.2″ x 9.4″ / 23.4cm x 23.9cm (multifold is a great substitute for c-fold paper towels)
  • With exclusive Absorbency Pockets that soak up water fast, these multifold paper towels are designed to reduce waste
  • Fits into most universal multifold paper towel dispensers (great replacement for c-fold paper towels, which can over-dispense)
  • Meets EPA minimum requirements for post-consumer waste and are FSC and Eco Logo certified

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Weight 19 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 13.25 × 28 × 9.5 in


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United States of America

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