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Just In Time - SILVERbac Antimicrobial Products

  • New infused technology prevents bacteria colonization which keeps SILVERbac products permanently clean and fresh use after use, wash after wash
  • SILVERbac product collection includes bath, hand and fitness towels, wash cloths, face masks

Bath, Pool, Locker Room, Fitness, Golf Towels

  • ENDLESS variety of sizes, colors and patterns for every budget, every need

Tablecloths, Napkins, Skirting – Facility/Kitchen Towels, Bar Mops and Microfiber

  • Myriad of styles, colors, patterns to coordinate or mix and match
  • Choose from 100% cotton, spun polyester or cotton blend to meet all budget and laundry specs

Sheets, Blankets, Bedspreads, Mattress Covers/Pads, Bed Bud Protection

  • Bed linens available in all sizes and a wide array of colors to match all decors
  • Sheets in thread counts of T130 to T310
  • Bedspreads/Comforters – flat woven, reversible, down alternative, quilted, thermal, top of bed
  • Blankets – super soft fleece, 100% cotton, acrylic, nylon

Salon/Spa Bleach Proof Towels

  • Vat dyed, colorfast and 100% cotton for exceptional softness
  • 16” X 28”, available in countless décor-coordinating colors
  • Robes and Body Wraps also available

Hooked and Hookless Shower Curtains

  • Choose from vinyl, fabric, eco-friendly, flame retardant
  • Available in standard and custom sizes

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